Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oh I am soooooo exhausted

I don't even know where to begin...what a weekend. Sara's exam finished on Thursday and we've just ramped it up from there. Off we went on Friday to finish all the details for grad on Saturday...my boys were all away for the night, one at a sleepover and 2 off camping. Truly they had great fun. My daughter and I went to get my nails done and then off to relax, we rented a movie and tried to rest for Saturday. We woke early and went over to the hall to help set up and then came home so I could practically rewrite my MC speech, grab a few things and wait for the boys to shower and head back out. Dinner was enjoyed and then the night began. A few last moment changes to the program and we were off and running. A wonderful night. I felt it was just good to be a part of it all. And then Sunday morning we were again off and running...
Fathers Day~
So the kids were bagged and guess who cooked breakfast in bed for pappa! He deserves it though...a hard working man is he. And we really just went from there, off to church, home for lunch and then off to family for a wonderful dinner and time of birthday fellowship. Talk about poolside service...I felt like it was Mothers Day!
Then yesterday it was off to Marineland for our year end school trip. We didn't even see one show, we just went from ride to ride and news of news, my youngest was tall enough for everything he wanted to ride! What a really great day...blazing hot, I got some colour for sure and our feet were dirty beyond belief! But it was so good! What a great time we had. Such a good weekend, and now...CRASH!

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