Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oh I am soooooo exhausted

I don't even know where to begin...what a weekend. Sara's exam finished on Thursday and we've just ramped it up from there. Off we went on Friday to finish all the details for grad on Saturday...my boys were all away for the night, one at a sleepover and 2 off camping. Truly they had great fun. My daughter and I went to get my nails done and then off to relax, we rented a movie and tried to rest for Saturday. We woke early and went over to the hall to help set up and then came home so I could practically rewrite my MC speech, grab a few things and wait for the boys to shower and head back out. Dinner was enjoyed and then the night began. A few last moment changes to the program and we were off and running. A wonderful night. I felt it was just good to be a part of it all. And then Sunday morning we were again off and running...
Fathers Day~
So the kids were bagged and guess who cooked breakfast in bed for pappa! He deserves it though...a hard working man is he. And we really just went from there, off to church, home for lunch and then off to family for a wonderful dinner and time of birthday fellowship. Talk about poolside service...I felt like it was Mothers Day!
Then yesterday it was off to Marineland for our year end school trip. We didn't even see one show, we just went from ride to ride and news of news, my youngest was tall enough for everything he wanted to ride! What a really great day...blazing hot, I got some colour for sure and our feet were dirty beyond belief! But it was so good! What a great time we had. Such a good weekend, and now...CRASH!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Its finished

She did it! This was a stellar exam! Well played, solid and just so good! I'm so proud. 6 long weeks till results, we'll have to stay distracted. It was just so lovely to hear. We went shopping for a gift after and then lunch with her teacher to celebrate! So lovely. All in all, a perfect day! And my oldest played a spectacular game of soccer tonight. No wonder he made the highschool team! I'm a proud mummy...really a great day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Piano Prayer

My daughter has her piano exam today...ahhh....who's more nervous? Me! Of course. She'll be great. I've listened to her practice for 9 months...it's gonna be just great! No worries. Just pray for her please. Pray she is in a good mental place. Pray her fingers are strong and firm and her feet stay secure. Pray her mind is clear and the music crisp. Pray she has fun and loves every moment! May she be blessed by her examiner. I pray too that her examiner has a good morning, a happy countenance and a love for music that encourages the next step. Where 2 or more are gathered in prayer, it will be done for you. In Jesus name, Amen!

My cup runs over....

Not only does my cup run over, but it spills and pools and could quite possibly fill a new lake! I'm so busy, I want to get off this ride and start over! Exams, field trips, grad, soccer, long range planning...its all too much. Did I sign up for this? I did. And I'm always reminded at this time of year to find time to myself. Yesterday I was in the garden for ever. It was wonderful. Its fun to think of new plans and wonderful ways to grow the yard to new places. I love where we live. The beauty, vegetation, wild life, its all so beautiful. Swimming and walking, digging and pruning. Its all so good. The smells outside right now are simply tropical! The sounds are inviting and even this morning I said to myself, I never want to go inside again! And here I am. But I'm reminded that God is good...look what He made for me to enjoy. I have a knight in shining armor who rescued me,I have great kids who love me, and a community of friends and wonderful people. I live free and choose free. I can shop, I can bare my furry legs if I want, I can be who I want to be... So I'm busy, but I'm blessed. My cup truly does run over.

Friday, June 8, 2007

How tired is tired?

School is almost over, grad is coming quickly and I'm exhausted. Its such a tiring time of year. There's so much left to do and it seems not enough time. I've been reading lately in my new curriculum for next year about taking pressure off, and to some extent I did that this year. Things just seemed to flow a little more gently than they normally do. I'm not sure if that's because there was one student less in our class room or because my daughter became very independent as a learner this year. But I really feel like I only had one student. It was a bit surreal. And now I'm really finished. I feel really released. My little guy doesn't know it yet, but today's his last day. I need to be done. Up North is calling me...my shoulders should probably drop down about 2 inches the closer I get to the lake. Can't wait! I saw my friend last night and it was great to see for myself that she's okay. Its her husband who's not well. She's really strong. Her strength is a real source for me. What an example. So if you get the chance read Romans 8. It came as a Word to me last night in prayer and when I looked at it, wow, blew my mind. Explains alot.
Anyway, I'm going to try and attach a picture into this section of my blog. Not sure about all the things I can do yet...still alot to learn, but week 1 has been fun.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

What do you do with bad news?

Well I was right. Yesterday was insane, but not for the reasons I thought. We had bad news of a wonderful friend who is sick. Its hard not to walk down the road of fear. I'm so greatful to be a Christian at this moment because I don't need to ask why. Instead I ask, how should I pray Lord? What should I do next Lord? When should I act Lord? But never why. Dangerous place to go but so easy. Thats where faith comes in. Either I believe that God is God or I don't. But I do. As I walked along the road leading me to this place called Christian, I read and listened to some great teachers. One of them taught that Jesus is one of three things. He's either a Lunatic, because you don't go around claiming to be God without serious social consequences, or He's a Liar, because its kinda hard to prove your God wearing a man suit, not that the miracles weren't enough, but they weren't because they still killed him, or He's Lord. You have to choose one. I choose Lord. No other religious deity ever claimed to be God. My research points in that direction. And its here that I find peace. Even if the worse happened to my friend, I know its not the worse. Fear is an indicator of punishment. And death isn't punishment, not anymore, Jesus paid the price for me to never die. For the Christian, death isn't the end. Yes, my body stops but the me goes on. Living in glory sounds like a good place to me. I want some of that! And Jesus is clear that he's building a mansion in His Fathers house. And if I am the daughter of the King, then that means I'm a princess...and I most definately want to live in a mansion in heaven with my Abba Father. So fear isn't an option. Its tempting to go there, but instead, I'll pray. Words are powerful. God created the every exisitence with them. And he knows the desires of our hearts. So, as my friends sister in Christ, I stand in the gap and pray.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Singing, Speaking and Soccer

Today is going to be a huge day...choir practise at my house in the afternoon. What are we thinking? All these wee little voices and 2 weeks to pull it together. We need a choir for our graduation ceremony next week and here we are pulling it together. No regrets though, it will be sweet and wonderful. Probably singing Open the Eyes of my Heart. After that practice I'm working with the Grad committee because I'm the MC of the event...I need to know the order of events. And then add my comments and flare. My goal is to keep things perky, fun and timely. We usually go almost 2 and ahalf hours. The mind can absorb what the butt can endure. And then after a Chiropractic appointment, we're off to a soccer game that my youngest is in. So its a really busy day. Not to mention, school! Oh right, homeschool. Is it summer vaction yet?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Books make me giddy

So our support group had a book sale today and it was great. Small, but at least we started. And that's what makes something go...a beginning. You need momentum. Just alittle push and it starts. So today we started. I made some great bucks and so did my daughter. She was sweet at her table, working so hard checking prices and selling her old novels. I find it so hard to sell books. I get giddy walking into libraries, bookstores and sales. I just love books. And what is it about books that makes me get that way? I'm really not sure. It might be the feeling of being far away when reading. Do you ever get that? Like your reading something so fantastic that when you put the book down your surprised there's other people around and your not where you were a moment ago? That's what I love about books. The smell, the feel of the pages, the words so neat and orderly. I even breathe slower. Its like a whole different pace to life when I read. Relaxing wonderful reading. I love books.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Lazy Daizy Homeschool Summer Day

Today was fun! The nearer we get to "Grad" the more subjects that drop off each day. My daughter finished school today but she's going to do a research project on spiders. Personally I think it's a gross out mom project...but fine! She's learning, I'm happy!
We went to my cousins house in the country today! What a great place...its an old Mill. The place is about 120 years old and has neat artifacts lying around everywhere. What a great place to homeschool! He has a creek running right past his place and a wonderful sized property. We've been invited to come up and do school there on nice days if we want...I think we will! The kids found a bullfrog and snake along the bank of the creek and you could just hear the frogs singing...they sound like elastic bands popping off a package that was a little too big for the band. Inside the old mill at the bottom was an old chicken coop and a place for cows and pigs...just close my eyes and I'm there, mucking out a stall, gathering eggs, feeding the animals. What a simple life...uncomplicated. If only. Instead, I'm rushing from A to B like everyone eles. Grad is coming soon which means, choir practice, grad practice, MC writing, long range planning, blessing page writing and book sales! And they say homeschoolers are hermits!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

In the beginning...

It began back in 2002...homeschooling became more than just an idea, it became a reality. We brought our son home after completing grade 3 and our daughter home after grade 1. Our youngest never did go! What a life! We have had so many adventures and this year began a new one...High school back in school for our oldest. The challenges have been many and the work load is huge. But we're almost done the first year and have many new lessons to add to our family knowledge. Mostly, grade 9 is really hard. Not from the standpoint of education, I mean the rest of it. Its amazing how things amplify over all the years...I don't remember it so hard. So our school shrunk by one student and that placed our middle child in the position of oldest student. What a blessing she is. Self motivation is huge! And our youngest...what a love! He is struggling and trying so hard to read. Its been a long year for him, but one of growth for sure. He is a great mathematician. Which brings us back to our eldest. What a trooper. He worked so hard this year and is aiming for honors! I can see it...its within reach! He's .5 of a percent away for grade nine second semester. So close.
Its wonderful to meet you! Join us as we enter this new age of blogging! Join our journey. We're happy your coming along!