Monday, March 31, 2008

History...not A subject but THE subject

Yep, I'm a history nerd. I love history and I'm trying to teach my kids to love it too. So I sneak it into every lesson of the day. Science, Math, Music, name it there's history to be found. So this week is our support groups History Fair. You'd think I'd be excited and by Friday at about 1:30 pm when there's nothing more we can do, I will be. It's work! And I have 2 projects. Well, I don't, my kids do...but you know how that goes. It's still work. And the kids love going to this event too...once they're there. So my daughter chose a study on Tom Thompson the 'founding' member of the group of seven and my son chose to study Canadian Money.
Both really neat subjects but oddly harder to research than you may think. I mean going deep on a level that each one can really understand. And then expanding on it. Its hard to expand on the life of someone. They lived, painted and died. You can't add detail to that. Sure you can talk about where he grew up and how he came to be a painter and all those details are good for sure! But it doesn't easily fill up a project board. This is where creativity jumps in. So I'll post the finished projects when we get there. Bit by bit...
As for money...all I can say is thanks Gramma for the cool collection! At a grade four level, the details, although nicely available, are not as chronicled as I'd like to see...but...there's always next time.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Divine Mercy Sunday

If you are wondering about this whole image and devotion thing that Catholics do sometimes, follow this link to a lovely explaination.

Earth Hour Christian Style

I'm not really sure how I feel about Earth this just one more 'rule'? Not that I'm opposed to rules, but if I don't shut off my lights, will I be deemed a rebel? And if I do, am I doing it for the right reason? Chances are good, I'm just going to carry on with my life, keeping lights off in rooms I'm not in, and enjoying my 'down' time. With lights. Trying to change my 'carbon footprint' is next to impossible until the government gets involved with packaging and proper recycling programs...not the kind we have in Ontario. Here's a neat article I found today while trying to make sence of my feelings on all the hype. I don't want to 'go green' cause its trendy, I want to look after whay God gave us, because it's right. So what are your you buy it? Are you in or out? or better said, are your lights on or off?

Question: "How should a Christian view global warming?"

Answer: As Christians, we should be concerned about our effect on our environment. God appointed man to be the steward of this world (Genesis 1:28), not the destroyer of it. However, we should not allow environmentalism to become a form of idolatry, where the “rights” of an inanimate planet and its non-human creatures are held in higher esteem than God (Romans 1:25). With global warming, as with any other topic, it is crucial to understand what the facts are, who those facts come from, how they are interpreted, and what the spiritual implications should be.

A careful look at global warming, as a topic, shows that there is a great deal of disagreement about the facts and substance of climate change. Those who blame man for climate change often disagree about what facts lead them to that conclusion. Those who hold man totally innocent of it often ignore established facts. My experience and research leads me to believe that warming is, in fact, occurring; however, there is little to no objective evidence that man is the cause, nor that the effects will be catastrophic. I think the idea of earth “wearing out” is an apt analogy. This entire world has been continually decaying since the fall.

Global warming “facts” are notoriously hard to come by. One of the few facts universally agreed upon is that the current average temperature of Earth is indeed rising at this time. According to most estimates, this increase in temperature amounts to about 0.4-0.8 °C (0.72-1.44 °F) over the last 100 years. Data regarding times before that is not only highly theoretical, but very difficult to obtain with any accuracy. The very methods used to obtain historical temperature records are controversial, even between the most ardent supporters of human-caused climate change. The facts leading one to believe that humans are not responsible for the current change in temperature are as follows:

· Global temperature changes from past millennia, according to available data, were often severe and rapid, long before man supposedly had any impact at all. That is, the current climate change is not as unusual as some alarmists would like to believe.

· Recent recorded history mentions times of noticeable global warming and cooling, long before man had any ability to produce industrial emissions.

· Water vapor, not CO2, is the most influential greenhouse gas. It is difficult to determine what effect, if any, mankind has on worldwide water vapor levels.

· Given the small percentage of human-produced CO2, as compared to other greenhouse gases, human impact on global temperature may be as little as 1%.

· Global temperatures are known to be influenced by other, non-human-controlled factors, such as sunspot activity, orbital movement, volcanic activity, solar system effects, and so forth. CO2 emission is not the only plausible explanation for global warming.

· Ice-age temperature studies, although rough, frequently show temperatures changing before CO2 levels, not after. This calls into question the relationship between warming and carbon dioxide; in some cases, the data could easily be interpreted to indicate that warming caused an increase in carbon dioxide, rather than the reverse!

· Computer simulations used to “predict” or “demonstrate” global warming require the assumption of human causation, and even then are not typically repeatable or reliable. Current computer weather simulations are neither predictive nor repeatable.

· Most of the global temperature increase of the last 100 years occurred before most of the man-made CO2 was produced.

· In the 1970’s, global temperatures had actually been dropping since 1945, and a “global cooling” concern became prominent, despite what is now dismissed as a lack of scientific support.

· The “consensus” claimed by most global warming theorists is not scientific proof, it is a statement of majority opinion; scientific majorities have been wrongly influenced by politics and other factors in the past. Such agreement is not to be taken lightly, but it is not the same thing as hard proof.

· This “consensus”, as with many other scientific theories, can be partially explained by growing hostility to those with differing viewpoints, making it less likely that a person without preconceived notions would take on the subject for research. The financial and political ramifications of the global warming debate are too serious to be ignored, though they should not be central to any discussion.

· The data being used to support anthropogenic (man-caused) global warming is typically based on small data sets, single samples, or measurements taken in completely different regions. This creates an uncertainty in the results that rarely gets the attention that alarmist conclusions do.

While the above list is not exhaustive, it does include several of the major points that raise doubts about mankind’s actual effect on global temperatures. While no one can deny that warming is occurring, “overwhelming evidence” of any objective type does not exist to support the idea that global warming is significantly influenced by human actions. There is plenty of vague, short-sighted, and misunderstood data that can be seen as proving “anthropogenic” global warming theory. All too often, data used to blame humans for global warming is far less reliable than data used for other areas of study. It is a valid point of contention that the data used in these studies is frequently flawed, easily misinterpreted, and subject to preconception.

In regards to issues such as this, skepticism is not the same as disbelief. There are fragments of evidence to support both sides, and logical reasons to choose one interpretation over another. The question of anthropogenic global warming should not divide Christian believers from each other (Luke 11:17). Environmental issues are important, but they are not the most important questions facing mankind. Christians ought to treat our world with respect and good stewardship, but we should not allow politically-driven hysteria to dominate our view of the environment. Our relationship with God is not dependent on our belief in human-caused global warming.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Homeschool Humor

Just a little humor break for the day since I'm in the mood....

I went Skiing...yikes!

Well, we did it...we went skiing on Monday as a family. Well, dad chose to sit out but the 2 youngest (who already had one day under their belts) and the oldest and myself hit the slopes. Now, understand dear reader, I am turning 40 this year and after 3 kids my center of balance is in a whole new place. But skiing came pretty easily. My sister in love and I bonded over an near collision that brought us to such laughter we had no strength to stand...and we proudly watched our children do way better than we did. Its good to see your kids do better. Humbling, but very good! I did well until my last run, I was over done at this point. Cooked. My legs turned to spaghetti leaving me limp on the run down. So I took off my skiies and walked down the hill. Yesterday, I couldn't move. Oi Vey! but OH my Jesus, He made such a beautiful mountain and such a perfect day. It was a gift for sure. So next year, skiing will be on our list more than once. We are ready!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Redeemer Lives

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I just received the most incessant rant in response to a post that I have ever seen. First of all...I will not post any kind of comment on this blog that is going to name call in a degrading way anyone of any race, religion or political view. I'm saddened by the comment. Not so much what the person had to say, but the way the person said it. And the fact that it was posted anonymously. Have courage friend and stand by your belief. If you feel as strongly as you do, then brother/sister, say it loud and say it proud. But be careful. I've said it before and I'll say it again, freedom of speech is not really free at all...there's always a cost.
The post ranted about Reaganomics and other such capitalist offences. Well I'll tell you our home, we CHOOSE to live on one income, we CHOOSE to live within our means and we love the life we have. We CHOOSE to live in a humble home that we can afford, drive cars that are paid in full and keep no credit running. Yes we have a mortgage but we work hard. And what's so wrong with hard work? I believe that hard work is the only way to keeping a sane mind and happy out look. Many poverty stricken countries have simply happy people (who yes need major help from countries who can afford to help and we pay our share through child sponsorship and missions) but the families are close, the children never say "I WANT" and they find joy in simple things. I hope whoever ranted in this comment (that I will NOT post) can find some forgiveness. Walking around with all that hate inside will cause you nothing but heart ache. Love your life...good and bad. Jesus said, there will be hard times. Being Christian doesn't mean we sweep all the garbage under a rug and forget it. We just deal with it in a different way. I say, look at my own life first, fix that, change my heart, find peace (that can really only be found in a living God) and live. JUST LIVE. Do your best with what you have and you'll not only sleep at night, but have no guilt and enjoy peace. Ask God into your heart. Realise you are a sinner. So am I. Its the new age stuff that tells us we don't need a saviour. We do! We cannot do this living on our own. We were created to know a saviour and deep down inside, we really do know Him. We just stop feeling. When we really feel bad about something, we try to stop the pain by stuffing it down and it turns into blame. Its so much easier to blame. But the feeling IS the Spirit. Eventually, by pushing it away long enough, we stop feeling the truth and start living in anger, resentment and pain. So realize that its okay to acknowledge a God who loves you, who made you and called you according to HIS purpose. Ask Him into your life and ask Him to be Lord. Because He's real and you have 3 choices to make from that. 1. He's a lunatic 2. He's a liar or 3. He's the Lord. Choose one. Research it. Don't take my word, who am I? Check it out. Read "The Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel who was a full on Atheist. As an investigative journalist he researched the Jesus idea and found out all on his own...the way and the truth and the life. Lay down your anger friend and pick up joy. Joy is dependant on your inner circumstance. Happiness depends on what is HAPPENING to you. The day my dad died, I was NOT happy, but I had joy. I had a 4 day old baby. How could I not have JOY? Peace and Love friend. Truly.

Here's some steps to take in your new journey:

1. Admit you are a sinner - not as easy as it sounds;

2. Be willing to turn from sin (repent, give it up, change, move on);

3. Believe that Jesus Christ died for you, and rose again;

4. Invite Jesus into your heart to be your Lord and Saviour! Here's a simple prayer:

"Dear God I know I'm a sinner, I know I am not where I want to be, and I want your forgiveness! I believe that Jesus died on the cross to pay the price for my sins.
Please wash me clean from all sin, shame, and guilt, come into my life Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. I ask this in your name Jesus. Amen!"

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lessons from ER

Worth the!

Ski Trip

My kids went skiing for the first time yesterday...they are now hooked! Big huge enormous thanks to Mrs. Jenny for encouraging us and giving us her day and talents to be our personal ski instructor. I'm still mending my ankle but next season, I'm in!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Brenda Martin

I'm just sick about this poor woman from my home province who is being left in a Mexican prison. Please pray for her. She's currently on a suicide watch. The excerpt below is from the Facebook group Save Brenda Martin.
Please pray for her now.

Brenda Martin is a Canadian woman who has been imprisoned in a Mexican jail since February 2006. Brenda’s family have been desperately attempting to raise awareness of her plight, calling on the Canadian Government to ensure that she receives a fair trial.

Brenda was the chef for Alyn Richard Waage, owner of an investment company that turned out to be fraudulent. Waage fired Brenda as his chef in 2001 with severance pay, where she than invested the money into Waage’s business which she thought was legitimate.

One month later Waage was arrest for fraud and is currently serving a 10 year sentence in North Carolina. Brenda was picked up by Mexican authorities years later for allegedly being involved in the scheme. There has been no charges or trail convicting her of such a thing, nor has there been any evidence presented to prove guilt.

Brenda has had limited contact with her family and friends, and at this point, her fate is in the hands of the Mexican Government. Brenda, a Canadian Citizen, has now been held in jail, without due process, for over 2 years. She has tried to commit suicide three times, losing over 30 pounds making her under 100 pounds in weight. She is depressed and despondent and believes that no one cares. Those who have seen her recently say that she will not live for another 6 months unless she is freed from jail.

Recently, Brenda has been on suicide watch, having been removed from the general prison population several times now. There has been extensive national media coverage on Brenda, who has been emotionally supported by her childhood friend Debra Tieleman. The Government of Canada has failed to act in intervening in this case, despite pleas from citizens around Canada, opposition MPs, Brenda’s mother and Brenda herself. Recently, Brenda was visited by former Prime Minister Paul Martin in prison to offer support.

Brenda feels that if she is not helped now, with the support of the Canadian Government, she feels she will parish in prison.

Funds donated to the 'Save Brenda Fund' will go toward Brenda's health needs and legal costs to help fight for Brenda Martin's release.


If you would like add your voice to the growing number of people who see the wrongs done to Brenda, feel free to send letters and emails.

Some contacts are:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Upon this Rock

I love this video and this wonderful website. Thankyou from Esther at Catholic Mom in Hawaii for this wonderful link. Gives me the goose bumps!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bill Keller Forgiven Excon

Follow the link to get an idea of the guy behind the Oprah accusations...he also declared that voting for Mitt Romney is a vote for the devil. Now is that Christian sounding to you? I'm not attacking this man, because then, I'm not any better...(and without grace, I'm really not at all any better anyway) but my point is this, raging against people who don't believe what a Christian believes isn't going to make anyone WANT to be a Christian. Why would anyone in their right mind, want to be a Christian if this kind of thinking is the representation of it? So, my plan is to pray that Bill Keller will have a softening of his heart, speak in truth and stop making up hateful things about people. Heck, I'm not even American and I would never say such a thing about Mitt Romney. Just this one thought keeps coming back...people in glass houses shouldn't through stones...even though he paid his debt, he still lives in a glass house.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Samantha

1. This is my first meme
2. I'm going to be 40 this year
3. I'm okay with it
4. Really
5. I'm a convert
6. I'm a cathecism teacher
7. I homeschool 2 of our 3 kids
8. I am a speaker and parenting coach
9. I love to scrapbook
10. I love to blog
11. Gardening is a growing passion
12. I love books so much I get giddy
13. I may have snow snap syndrom

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Provocative Oprah Thinking

Hmmmmm, I stumbled across this film on You Tube about Oprah and was stunned at the idea, but the more I think about it, the more I realize, she does have impressive power for good or not, and I'm convinced she's aware of that because she is not a dumb woman. So although I don't totally agree with everything that's said here, it brings up a really good you believe something because Oprah says its true and just trust her because well, she's Oprah after all...or is it a good idea to balance what we hear against the Word of God? Because after all, he's God. So here's my thing...if I say that to a person who doesn't believe in God or the Bible to be the Word of God, then, what's stopping them from trusting Oprah or anyone else...could be Neale Donald Walsh for that matter. It's not the person's name that counts here. Its the source. When something can't name its source of power, I tend to get a little uncomfortable. There's only one source...God, Satan has to lie to make people believe he has power. So when reading, I like to be able to balance it by being very clear on naming Jesus as the only source...the "power within" just doesn't cut it for me. Even though I know Jesus is MY power within...if it's not named, I'm not buyin!
What are your thoughts on this controversial video? What does it bring up in you? Are you offended by this guy? And if yes, what is the nature of the offense? Just for the record, I don't think Oprah is the most dangerous woman in the world, I do think she has alot of influence because too many people forget to engage their brain when making decisions. Oprah is deserving of a Saviour too...I think she's just confused.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Father Corapi

What an awesome conversion story...enjoy!

The 14 Days of Homeschooling

This is so cute...found it over at Journey to Therese....thanks friend, for humor and keeping it real!

On the first day of homeschool my neighbor said to me, "Can you homeschool legally?"

On the second day of homeschool my neighbor said to me, "Are they socialized, can you homeschool legally?"

On the third day of homeschool my neighbor said to me, "Do you give them tests, are they socialized, can you homeschool legally?"

On the fourth day of homeschool my neighbor said to me, "What about P.E., do you give them tests, are they socialized, can you homeschool legally?"

On the fifth day of homeschool my neighbor said to me, "YOU ARE SO STRANGE! What about P.E., do you give them tests, are they socialized, can you homeschool legally?"

On the sixth day of homeschool my neighbor said to me, "How long will you homeschool, YOU ARE S0 STRANGE, what about P.E. , do you give them tests, are they socialized, can you homeschool legally?"

On the seventh day of homeschool my neighbor said to me, "Look at what they're missing, how long will you homeschool, YOU ARE SO STRANGE!, what about P.E., do you give them tests, are they socialized, do you homeschool legally?"

On the eighth day of homeschool my neighbor said to me, "Why do you do this, look at what they're missing, how long will you homeschool, YOU ARE SO STRANGE, what about P.E. do you give them tests, are they socialized, do you homeschool legally?"

On the ninth day of homeschool my neighbor said to me, "They'll miss the prom, why do you do this, look at what they're missing, how long will you homeschool, YOU ARE SO STRANGE!, what about P.E. do you give them tests, are they socialized, do you homeschool legally?"

On the tenth day of homeschool my neighbor said to me, "What about graduation, they'll miss the prom, why do you do this, look at what they're missing, how long will you homeschool, YOU ARE SO STRANGE!, what about P.E., do you give them tests, are they socialized, can you homeschool legally?"

On the eleventh day of homeschool my neighbor said to me, "I could never do that, what about graduation, they'll miss the prom, why do you do this, look at what they're missing, how long will you homeschool, YOU ARE SO STRANGE, what about P.E., do you give them tests, are they socialized, can you homeschool legally?"

On the twelfth day of homeschool my neighbor said to me, "Can they go to college, I could never do that, what about graduation, they'll miss the prom, why do you do this, look at what they're missing, how long will you homeschool, YOU ARE SO STRANGE, What about P.E., do you give them tests, are they socialized, can you homeschool legally?"

On the thirteenth day of homeschool I thoughtfully replied: "They Can go to college, yes you can do this, they can have graduation, we don't like the prom, we do it cuz we like it, they are missing nothing, we'll homeschool forever, WE ARE NOT STRANGE!, We give them P.E., and we give them tests, they are socialized, AND WE HOMESCHOOL LEGALLY!

On the fourteenth day of homeschool my neighbor said to me, "How can I get started, why didn't you tell me, where do I buy curriculum, when is the next conference, WILL PEOPLE THINK WE'RE STRANGE? I think we can do this, if you will help us, we'll join a sports team, and we'll homeschool legally."

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Nonna's 65th

So way back in the fall, I mentioned my motherinloves birthday party and that I would post pics from then. Well, I have them but since then Nonna Rosa passed away, so posting these now, is bitter sweet. But what a day we had, it was so wonderful. We really enjoyed the day. So here we are....just a few, my motherinlove is on the left and that is her sister with her... and the rest are in a smilebox at the bottom of the page.

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I need spring now

In the middle of a huge snow dump and I'm bubbling over with joy at the bulbs growing in my living room...I had to share for those of you feeling ready to snap at the rediculous amount of snow we keep getting. I think God has a soft spot for Tuesdays and Fridays in these parts...funny guy!!!
Enjoy the shots and just know that spring is on its way...and we get to put our clocks ahead tonight too! Wow hoo, more daylight! Love it.

Friday, March 7, 2008

100 Postiversary

Its my postiversary today...100 posts! Wow, that's actually kinda neat. So to celebrate I can't help but share this wonderful laughter from this baby who I don't know, probably will never meet, but he blessed the socks off me today with his infectious laughter. Absolutely so cute! So enjoy this litte bit of love and I dare you not to smile when you watch it...go ahead, I double dog dare you!
PS...I love the dad, he's laughing just as hard and loving every moment of his baby boy!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

9 Robins...and the birds and the bees.

Yesterday we had a huge snow storm, again. Today in the beautiful bright sunshine, on my neighbours roof, I counted 9 robins. Fluffy and fat, sipping snow and looking so wonderful! In our neck of the woods a Robin is a big deal! To me, its the first sign of spring. Yahoo!
And so today, my 9 year old and I are reading about Suzies Babies. Its a story about the birds and the bees but written about a hamster named Suzie and the class room full of children she lives with. Its a beautiful story. Today we got to the chapter explaining how the father hamster makes alive the eggs inside Suzie. When the chapter finished my wee one jumped up off the couch and made a bee line for another room. I yelled after him, do you have any questions? Nope, and he disappeared! I think he's processing what that really means. I could hear his breathing stop when I used the correct body part names, which we do anyway, but suddenly, they had new jobs. Hmmmmmmm, I wonder whats mulling around in his little brain right now.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Holy Fathers Prayer Intentions for 2008


That the Church may strengthen her commitment to full visible unity in order to manifest ever more clearly her nature as a community of love in which is reflected the communion of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
That the Church in Africa, preparing to celebrate the second Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishops for Africa, may continue to be a sign and channel of reconciliation and justice in a continent still suffering from war, exploitation and poverty.

That the mentally handicapped may not be marginalized but respected and lovingly helped to live in a way worthy of their physical and social condition.
That Institutes of Consecrated Life, so flourishing in mission countries, may rediscover the missionary dimension and, faithful to the radical choice of Gospel counsels, be generous in bearing witness to Christ and proclaiming Him to the ends of the earth.

MARCH 2008
That the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation between individuals and peoples may be understood and that through her testimony the Church may spread Christ’s love, the source of new humanity.
That Christians persecuted because of the Gospel in various parts of the world and in various manners may be sustained by the strength of the Holy Spirit and continue to bear witness courageously and openly to the Word of God.

APRIL 2008
That even in difficult and complex situations of present-day society, Christians may never tire of proclaiming with their lives Christ’s resurrection, the source of hope and peace.
That future priests in young Churches may be ever more seriously formed culturally and spiritually in order to evangelize their respective countries and the whole world.

MAY 2008
That Christians may use literature, art and the media to greater advantage to favour a culture which defends and promotes the values of the human person
That just as she accompanied the Apostles in the early stages of the Church, may the Blessed Virgin Mary, Star of Evangelization and Queen of Apostles, continue to guide missionaries throughout the world with maternal affection.

JUNE 2008
That Christians may cultivate a deep and personal friendship with Christ so they are able to communicate the strength of His love to those they encounter
That the International Eucharistic Congress in Quebec, Canada, may lead to ever deeper understanding of the Eucharist, the heart of the Church and source of evangelization.

JULY 2008
That there may be an increase in the number of those who volunteer to serve the Christian community with generous and prompt availability
That World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia, may kindle the fire of divine love in numerous young people and render them sowers of hope for a new humanity

That the human family may learn to respect God’s plan for the world and become ever more aware that Creation is God’s great gift.
That the answer of the entire people of God to the common calling to holiness and mission may be promoted and fostered by means of careful discernment of charisms and constant commitment to spiritual and cultural formation

That those who are forced to leave home and country because of war or oppressive regimes may be supported by Christians in the defense and protection of their rights.
That faithful to the sacrament of matrimony every Christian family may cultivate the values of love and communion in order to be a small evangelizing community, sensitive and open to the material and spiritual needs of others

That the Synod of Bishops may help bishops and theologians as well as catechists and pastoral workers engaged in the service of the Word of God transmit with courage the truth of the faith in communion with the entire Church.
That in this month dedicated to the missions, through the promotional activities of the Pontifical Missionary Works and other organisms, the Christian may feel the need to participate in the Church’s universal mission with prayer, sacrifice and concrete help.

That the testimony of love offered by the Saints, may fortify Christians in their service to God and neighbour, imitating Christ who came not to be served but to serve.
That Christian communities in Asia, contemplating the face of Christ, may find the most suitable way to announce Him in full fidelity to the Gospel to the peoples of that vast continent so rich in culture and ancient forms of spirituality.

That in the face of a spreading of a culture of violence and death the Church through her apostolic and missionary activity may promote with courage the culture of life.
That especially in mission countries Christians may show with acts of fraternal love that the Child born in the stable at Bethlehem is the luminous Hope of the world..
... From the Vatican