Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to Blogging

Yep, it's time. I think I need to come back to blogging. Facebook is fun, but it's taken me away. So I think I'll start over. Hi, I'm Samantha, a homeschooling mom, speaker and parenting coach. Nice to meet you! Introduce yourself, stroll my blog, excuse my rants...if nothing else, I'm transparent. If your on Facebook, look me up. I'm back.


Christine said...

Hi, can I be your first "follower"? You insprire me with your words ... well, almost anytime we talk :) I look forward to reading your written word and pulling out any little nugget that will help me with my own personal journey. CV

Mrs. Sam said...

Christine, your a love! :D Join me as I push my own self to grow in new ways! Lets grow together my friend!