Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My cup runs over....

Not only does my cup run over, but it spills and pools and could quite possibly fill a new lake! I'm so busy, I want to get off this ride and start over! Exams, field trips, grad, soccer, long range planning...its all too much. Did I sign up for this? I did. And I'm always reminded at this time of year to find time to myself. Yesterday I was in the garden for ever. It was wonderful. Its fun to think of new plans and wonderful ways to grow the yard to new places. I love where we live. The beauty, vegetation, wild life, its all so beautiful. Swimming and walking, digging and pruning. Its all so good. The smells outside right now are simply tropical! The sounds are inviting and even this morning I said to myself, I never want to go inside again! And here I am. But I'm reminded that God is good...look what He made for me to enjoy. I have a knight in shining armor who rescued me,I have great kids who love me, and a community of friends and wonderful people. I live free and choose free. I can shop, I can bare my furry legs if I want, I can be who I want to be... So I'm busy, but I'm blessed. My cup truly does run over.

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Aduladi' said...

What a wonderful outlook on a busy summer. I wish I would have read this months ago!!

My cup runs over as well, I am just sorry it took me until the end of the summer to realize it.

Thanks for the "ah-ha" moment!