Monday, March 28, 2011

Finishing strong

March Break always gives me a boost. I get recharged and excited again about finishing but also about choosing where we'll go next year in our studies! This year we've been digging deep into the Battle of 1812. We went on the most amazing day hike in the Niagara Region and visited many many sites that were crucial to Canada winning the war. We even found the spot where our troops climbed the escarpment to over take the American troops and win the war. If it wasn't for that moment, Canada would be America. Don't get me wrong, I love our American neighbors and have many friends who live there. Yet, I can't imagine a world without my Home and Native land. I AM Canadian and grateful to all our folks in service both now and in the past, who have laid down their lives, their health, time with their families, so that I can enjoy being free to vote, blog, home school, attend church, have access to medical care when I need it, and to just be free. It's so critically important. So thank you.
From my heart, thank you.
As for finishing strong, we're pressing on. Almost there. 2 1/2 months left really, of grade 7 and then onto the last year. The prep year! In order for me to finish strong I need to have some things lined up right. Most importantly, my own health. Recently I lost 65 pounds. Slowly tho, I allowed 10 lbs to creep back on and then, I had surgery. During that time another 10 crept back. I'm not at all impressed by this nagging 20 pounds and am very ready for it to go. I gave up sugar 48 days ago and it's going well but I only moved 5 pounds off. So clearly it's time to move the body beyond a morning walk. It's bootcamp season. Almost. The snow is trying to melt which means the streets will be cleaned soon and running will be more comfortable. So I'm heading back out for a daily run...walk/run to start. :) AND...I'm excited to be following the Peak 313 "Try It" Challenge. It starts next Monday. Can't wait! This week I'll walk more, try some running and will begin with my kettle bell again. Now that I know I'm healed from surgery, it's time to get back to it. :) A little do over! I'm very excited. You can link up too!

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Clare@peak313 said...

Hi Samanatha! Thanks for stopping by---Not sure why the badge didn't work. I've seen it on some other's blogs, so something must work ???( I am new to all this blog linking and stuff!!!)
Your blog looks cool! I see you are running and doing kettle balls...awesome!!