Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Past

Hmmmmmmmmm, the feeling of not shopping, not baking and not cleaning. Yet. Its good. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good. I'm not the boxing day type. I'm feeling like I've shopped enough. And cleaned enough and all the rest. But something gets in me around this time of year and I want to rip apart every nook and cranny and reorganize the stuff. Old stuff out, new stuff in and a place for everything. I'm feeling over stuffed at the moment. But truely blessed. We are a blessed people on this side of the world. Peace is true here. I think of the unrest on the other side of the world and just marvel at the peace of Christ. Truely. This Advent we have seen 5 people pass away (one as young as 15) and as sad and horrible as it is, there's still peace. Its a fragile peace though, so attached to finance and commerce. I'm looking for that Peace that surpasses all understanding peace. The kind that only comes from the King of Kings. I can't imagine separating from that Peace. Peace to you friend.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Funerals and Christmas

Trying to channel the absolute peace of Christmas during a funeral is harder than I thought it would be. My plan this year was to have all my shopping done in November so I could enjoy my Advent. That almost happened. I did get the bulk done and am I ever glad. Now these few days when my hubby has been home only to sleep (and even one night away with his dad) have been less stressful and more of a smooth experience. You know, ironing everyones clothes so we have 2 outfits, one for funeral home, one for funeral. Does everyone have shoes? Do we all have black socks without holes? Who needs a haircut? All these chores would normally have to be done anyway in preperation for Christmas Day, but now its just amplified. And thankfully, my focus isn't on 'stuff' its where it needs to be. I will definately do that plan again next year.
Anyway, this song helps me focus on where I need too. I hope it blesses you as well.
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sad news

It's always sad when someone dies because we the ones left behind miss the people so much. Its almost selfish to want to cling to them, but releasing our loved ones the The One who loves them the Most High God...that takes trust. And that requires much. To say God is sovereign and knows what He's doing is one believe it is completely another. Its still sad. Hubby's Grandmother passed away today. She was 84. One of my favorite people was this woman. She exuded wisdom and love. I will miss her greatly, my kids will miss her, my husband will miss her, my mother in law is devastated. She was best friends with her mom. Nonna gave birth to her last child 2 years before her daughter gave birth to her first child. They raised their kids together. What a blessing. Sad days ahead, but joy in heaven today. Nonna gets to see her husband today! She was a smart woman her whole life, I'm not surprised she chose heaven. Always the best choice.

Monday, December 17, 2007

...and the snows they came!

Wow! We got socked! Buried, almost alive...well, not really. But it is a ton of snow. For sure a ton. These are some pics my son took around our house and this was only at the half way through the storm part. Over the tops of the houses should be the Niagara Escarpment...can't see it can ya? The storm started a few hours later than predicted with freezing rain that actually was hitting the bedroom window so hard, it woke me up. Then it teased a little with some chunky flakes but sorta stopped for a while. About an hour later, the escarpment was missing from view and the road was invisible. Suddenly, the winds picked up and we were taking cover. I think it was a pj day for church, cozy time. Loved it. I finished Christmas cards and just generally hung out with my family. My beloved went out to shovel at one point and I couldn't see him. I saw the shovel once in a while but he was a blurr. So neat. And this morning, beautiful clear sky...what a treat.
Enjoy the hills...we will!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I found this really neat website called where you can listen to Ocean sounds and occasionally hear some whales. Its really neat but it takes some time to be able to sit and listen. I'm running it now as I blog and its really cool. Makes you think about the majesty of God's creation. His hand is so big and so wide to cover so many wonderful areas. What a mighty God we serve. I'm sad these beauties are captured and yet, its amazing to understand them better. Its a bitter sweet battle between us vs. nature. I love that I've been able to touch one and I'm appalled that they live in tanks and hurt. is a nice website explains the pain of capture. A tug of war for certain.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Here Am I

Along with my humble pie here is my fav. Mercy Me song...

Oh Christmas Tree....blahhhhhhhh

Ever have one of those days when your just not proud of your behaviour? That's me. I'm about to apologize to my husband for my rotten Christmas tree hunting attitude, but I wanted just one more moment to confess before I do....I was really mad at him. I thought it was his bad mood, his attitude, his lack of excitement, but really, its me and my way too high expectations. And so, now, my husband is out hanging lights, trimming the tree to fit the space and probably walking on egg shells thinking about what he's going to walk into.'s to humble pie! I have to put him out of his misery (which is me), change my attitude and walk lovingly, even though my heart isn't really in it right now. Because I know, I walk by faith and not by in faith, I will adjust my bad mood because if I walk by sight, someone might catch a dagger....time for heart surgery!

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Its been a tough week. The music director at our church passed away Sunday and it was really hard for my daughter. She's been in the choir since grade 2 and has a special relationship with her. Very hard to say goodbye. But we know she was a great woman of God and is singing with her voice that she couldn't use near the close of her earthly life. She's singing with choirs of angels in heaven most certainly. And we also had news of another pillar in our church taking a stroke that sounds fatal. Heaven is near for her too. And sadly, one of the most inspiring women I've never met passed away. She's been beating cancer for a year and is one of the most courageous, lovely women I've never met. I keep saying never, because truely, I never met her. I know of her through a few friends that church with her family. Her story was blogged by she and her husband. Completely inspiring. So, Jesus took her cancer away this week and she is healed in her new body. It's been hard, thinking about her family, her husband is this knight in shining armor kind of guy who loves their 3 kids under 5 with so much dignity. He's a great man of God who will do great honor to his wife. This clip is an amazing testimony to the understanding of our pain that God has. We often say things like, "Why did God let this happen?" Well, this clip helps us remember, that God understands our pain from personal experience.
Its sweet, but get a tissue!


This video is incredible...I never thought of Jesus this way before and it makes me weep to think of His strength that oftens is just simply ignored....