Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Books make me giddy

So our support group had a book sale today and it was great. Small, but at least we started. And that's what makes something go...a beginning. You need momentum. Just alittle push and it starts. So today we started. I made some great bucks and so did my daughter. She was sweet at her table, working so hard checking prices and selling her old novels. I find it so hard to sell books. I get giddy walking into libraries, bookstores and sales. I just love books. And what is it about books that makes me get that way? I'm really not sure. It might be the feeling of being far away when reading. Do you ever get that? Like your reading something so fantastic that when you put the book down your surprised there's other people around and your not where you were a moment ago? That's what I love about books. The smell, the feel of the pages, the words so neat and orderly. I even breathe slower. Its like a whole different pace to life when I read. Relaxing wonderful reading. I love books.

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