Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gettin it done...'s a global epidemic today. My son had me pulling my grays out yesterday about getting school done on time with a happy attitude. So here's what I did. I told him that he had to be AT the school table by 9 to get started no excuses and I would guarentee he would be finished his morning by 11:30 IF he had a good attitude. Well, he was up and on time to the table and got the whole morning done plus an extra subject by, you guessed it 11:30. Only 1 afternoon subject to go which should have taken 20 mins, just wrapped up and it took you guessed it...60 mins due to bad attitude. I'm figuring out really fast with this guy that there has to be a consquence with some pain attached. I don't mean physical pain, I mean like not going to see his best friend for a week kind of pain. But then guilt kicks in and I feel bad for his best friend. Ahh. When he figures out I'm serious, wow, the attitude snaps into place and school gets done. Why he has to push so far and so hard in the first place is completely beyond me. Maybe it's because he's 10. I don't know... :)


Veronica said...

let me know how that goes.
His friend can take it if that's what needs to be done : )

green mom for Jesus said...

I have a 10-year old and can relate! Our subject is math.
Have you ever read Dr. Ray Guarendi's books? Very good help with calm loving discipline.
Keep fighting the good fight!
God bless.