Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Singing, Speaking and Soccer

Today is going to be a huge day...choir practise at my house in the afternoon. What are we thinking? All these wee little voices and 2 weeks to pull it together. We need a choir for our graduation ceremony next week and here we are pulling it together. No regrets though, it will be sweet and wonderful. Probably singing Open the Eyes of my Heart. After that practice I'm working with the Grad committee because I'm the MC of the event...I need to know the order of events. And then add my comments and flare. My goal is to keep things perky, fun and timely. We usually go almost 2 and ahalf hours. The mind can absorb what the butt can endure. And then after a Chiropractic appointment, we're off to a soccer game that my youngest is in. So its a really busy day. Not to mention, school! Oh right, homeschool. Is it summer vaction yet?

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