Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

So what does Thanksgiving mean to you? To some, a time of reaching out to their Creator, to others a time to reflect on their lives, for others still a time to give back in gratitude for all they've been given. All to say, God is good. We all see Him in different ways but ultimately it's Him we need. To come to a place of sabbatical for a weekend if nothing more, brings restoration. But finding that peace in the hustle and bustle of cooking, peeling, baking, cleaning, I read the book, The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan this summer or re-read it I should say. And I have to admit, it's transforming information in there. It's the kind of book that brings to light what it means to worship on Sabbath and to rest. What that rest looks like to one person may look like work to another. And so, the crazy mix of thanksgiving; not the holiday, the offering. How we offer our thanks to God on Sunday or anyday, should be an extension of who we are in our relationship with Him. What brings him honor? Sitting in the parlor staring blank faced at each other, or, preparing an awesome meal to share with family. Bringing real honest hospitality into our homes and showing the face of God through our faces makes more sense to me. If cutting the grass makes your heart sing and it happens to be Sunday, wouldn't God want your heart singing? If peeling potatoes rocks your world, wouldn't offering it up to God as an offering of love make great sense? But even more, stopping in the middle of it all and gathering in a house of worship to give him an exclusive amount of our time and just be in His presence with people who worship in the same way, doesn't that just say, God, I love you and your worth it. Your worth stopping for. Your worth the time it takes me to get ready and go, the busyness of leaving, the fullness of a day. Your worth it God. And by the way, thanks. For everything...the leaves that fall, the blue sky, the crisp air. I love oak trees God, the way move but don't fall over. The stars...gorgeous! I love how you love me. How even when I'm terrible, you love me anyway. Your an awesome God, and I just wanted to say....thanks.

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