Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Finding trust in a place where things are not lovely. Bad news came yesterday from a dear friend. Can't say what, don't want to break confidence. But it's not great. And video homeschooling is not as fun as Sara had hoped. It will come, I can see it. Just right now it seems dark. And so, we walk by faith and not by sight. Even when it looks dark, just a little spark can bring enough light to land our feet firmly on our path again. So praying this week for a spark. Just enough light to scare the darkness away. God is just that good. It'll come.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to it

Is it a getting older thing when time goes faster or is it that we're so busy we don't notice the moment we're in. I'm trying to reconsile with myself how summer flew past so quickly when I determined at the start, I wouldn't let it happen. Maybe that's the control freak in me. I try and try to control time, but it's just not working out. Hmmm. There's a lesson in that I'm sure.
Well, school starts for us on Tuesday. Simon enters his final year of highschool and is celebrating his 17th birthday in Huntsville, away from us. It's strange not celebrating together. We leave today and pick him up the morning, so it will be great to have him back. I miss him.
And my lovely Sara enters her second year of highschool this year, at home. Last min change from going away to school. She really likes being home and I really like having her here. It's been a blessing.
Finally, JP enters grade 6. Closing in on the upper elementary years for him. He keeps school an adventure and reminds me to bring discovery to his learning. All things for him are WOW moments. I love that about him.
Can't wait to start on one hand and on the other, wish it was longer. But fall is coming soon, and I just love fall! Great days lay ahead.
We're back to it.