Monday, June 4, 2007

Lazy Daizy Homeschool Summer Day

Today was fun! The nearer we get to "Grad" the more subjects that drop off each day. My daughter finished school today but she's going to do a research project on spiders. Personally I think it's a gross out mom project...but fine! She's learning, I'm happy!
We went to my cousins house in the country today! What a great place...its an old Mill. The place is about 120 years old and has neat artifacts lying around everywhere. What a great place to homeschool! He has a creek running right past his place and a wonderful sized property. We've been invited to come up and do school there on nice days if we want...I think we will! The kids found a bullfrog and snake along the bank of the creek and you could just hear the frogs singing...they sound like elastic bands popping off a package that was a little too big for the band. Inside the old mill at the bottom was an old chicken coop and a place for cows and pigs...just close my eyes and I'm there, mucking out a stall, gathering eggs, feeding the animals. What a simple life...uncomplicated. If only. Instead, I'm rushing from A to B like everyone eles. Grad is coming soon which means, choir practice, grad practice, MC writing, long range planning, blessing page writing and book sales! And they say homeschoolers are hermits!

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