Monday, July 21, 2008

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of my 30th Birthday

Well, it happened. I'm 40. I'm fabulous and 40. That sounds so good together. And I'm excited about it too. My sweet DH booked a surprise wine tour for me and some friends on Saturday which was just wonderful. I think it didn't go the way he wanted but I'm not asking for details on that because it was just wonderful the way it was. He is the sweetest guy ever on the planet (sorry ladies, let me have a moment here) and I just love him so much. Planning isn't his area. He leaves that to me most of the time. For him to step out and do this for me makes me feel like the most loved woman who ever turned 40. That said, my friends rock too. People came back from the past to say Happy Birthday and new friends too. I've been blessed with so many lovely gifts that were so simply awesome. I love good books, devotionals, great tea and great wine and my friends blessed me with all of the above. And a mani/pedi that I can't wait to enjoy! Awesome. It's a neat feeling to be celebrated. A little overwhelming but really neat. I enjoyed the evening with my family at my mom's. My in-loves came, my brother and aunt. My mom just had some surgery and she pulled off this incredible dinner on her own. It was so good. And she gave me a gift that was so fun. In a huge gift bag were all little presents and each one had a card that introduced the gift. One was for dreaming, one was for feeding the spirit, one was relaxing and my favorite was to remember my dad. What an amazing gift. My DH and kids gave me a Pandora bracelet with 3 charms to remember my 40th by. Just wonderful. And honestly, the day started with breaky in bed, a surprise gathering, dinner at my moms and ended with a shooting star streaking through the big dipper. A wink from my daddy! Perfect, just perfect!

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Aduladi' said...

It sound like a great way to kick off the year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend!