Thursday, June 7, 2007

What do you do with bad news?

Well I was right. Yesterday was insane, but not for the reasons I thought. We had bad news of a wonderful friend who is sick. Its hard not to walk down the road of fear. I'm so greatful to be a Christian at this moment because I don't need to ask why. Instead I ask, how should I pray Lord? What should I do next Lord? When should I act Lord? But never why. Dangerous place to go but so easy. Thats where faith comes in. Either I believe that God is God or I don't. But I do. As I walked along the road leading me to this place called Christian, I read and listened to some great teachers. One of them taught that Jesus is one of three things. He's either a Lunatic, because you don't go around claiming to be God without serious social consequences, or He's a Liar, because its kinda hard to prove your God wearing a man suit, not that the miracles weren't enough, but they weren't because they still killed him, or He's Lord. You have to choose one. I choose Lord. No other religious deity ever claimed to be God. My research points in that direction. And its here that I find peace. Even if the worse happened to my friend, I know its not the worse. Fear is an indicator of punishment. And death isn't punishment, not anymore, Jesus paid the price for me to never die. For the Christian, death isn't the end. Yes, my body stops but the me goes on. Living in glory sounds like a good place to me. I want some of that! And Jesus is clear that he's building a mansion in His Fathers house. And if I am the daughter of the King, then that means I'm a princess...and I most definately want to live in a mansion in heaven with my Abba Father. So fear isn't an option. Its tempting to go there, but instead, I'll pray. Words are powerful. God created the every exisitence with them. And he knows the desires of our hearts. So, as my friends sister in Christ, I stand in the gap and pray.

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