Sunday, June 3, 2007

In the beginning...

It began back in 2002...homeschooling became more than just an idea, it became a reality. We brought our son home after completing grade 3 and our daughter home after grade 1. Our youngest never did go! What a life! We have had so many adventures and this year began a new one...High school back in school for our oldest. The challenges have been many and the work load is huge. But we're almost done the first year and have many new lessons to add to our family knowledge. Mostly, grade 9 is really hard. Not from the standpoint of education, I mean the rest of it. Its amazing how things amplify over all the years...I don't remember it so hard. So our school shrunk by one student and that placed our middle child in the position of oldest student. What a blessing she is. Self motivation is huge! And our youngest...what a love! He is struggling and trying so hard to read. Its been a long year for him, but one of growth for sure. He is a great mathematician. Which brings us back to our eldest. What a trooper. He worked so hard this year and is aiming for honors! I can see it...its within reach! He's .5 of a percent away for grade nine second semester. So close.
Its wonderful to meet you! Join us as we enter this new age of blogging! Join our journey. We're happy your coming along!

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