Monday, November 15, 2010

RePost of the 10 Things list

So way back I posted a 10 things in 10 days list. Here's a revisit of that thing. It was a great movtivator for sure, but life happened, and the list did not. :D I'm good with that. Because the cool thing about lists is, I'm in charge of it, not the other way around. So I'm going to redo the list and make it fit my now. What's your list?

Here's mine from the beginning of summer.
1. clean carpet in living room (bought the soap...)
2. finish Simon's grad scrap book (during advent)
3. organize mudroom for fall (done)!
4. remove anything not conducive to sleep from my bedroom (done)
5. paint muskoka chairs (spring)
6. power spray the deck (leaving till spring due to tree removal)
7. lay mulch around pool (bought it...still sitting there)
8. paint JP's bed (spring redo of whole room will include this one)
9. remove wallpaper in Sara's room (one layer done)
10.frame and order grad pictures for Simon's diploma set (in the mail)

New list
1. clean carpet before cookie exchange at end of November
2. fix toilet seat and taps in 2nd bathroom
3. book shelves up in bedroom
4. organize mudroom for winter
5. clean out the linens in cupboard
6. fall displays away, begin christmas decorating
7. make list of christmas to do's
8. declutter basement music area
9. scotchguard couches
10.move drums and vacuum

Okay, lets see if this works better. :D You in with me?

Life is full and good

There is so much to do. Do you have that? I'm not at all complaining, in fact, I'm actually quite grateful that the words, even, the thought, 'I'm bored' can't escape my lips. I can't remember the last time I was bored. What a blessing. In fact, I remember thinking as I was drifting off to sleep last night, that laying here for 8 hours is crazy. I could be doing something! I'm always excited to get up, to 'start' my day. I'm usually really ready for something to begin! I know that some days are easier than others to wake up to, like when the sun is out and bright early in the morning, it's really easy to jump up and begin living again. But I love sleeping too. At the end of a full and complete day, I love dropping into my bed, reliving my day in thought and picturing my next one. What a blessing that today I got to enjoy my next one. I never want to take advantage of that. God is good to me. I'm crazy about Him. The scriptures say he rejoices over me with dancing! Can you imagine? The God of the universe, dances over me. And you too! He loves us that much. And while we sleep and renew our bodies, he still dances over us. Oh, how he loves us.