Thursday, July 5, 2007


To say that I'm relaxed is an understatement. My ears have come down about 6 inches from my shoulders as I predicted they would and I'm not able to get out of cottage time. Like the only things we planned were what to eat and when to eat it. Really a sweet and wonderful time of friendship, coming together as family and having just oodles of fun. Our friend tried water skiing for the first time in 20 years and lived to tell the tale and inspire all the young ones who dared! Way to go Tessa~you so totally rock! Mud was found in the ATV adventures and although Moose Hunting was a bust, we heard a Bullfrog Band of Banjos. Way cool! Now hunting Moose in Algonquin is not quite what you might think...we were hunting with our cameras. But we didn't see any...this time. We did find a water spring and brought some water home with us. All is right in my world right now. Rocks were collected, scrabble was conquered, beaver dams observed, mosquitoes fed, books enjoyed, prayers and devotions lead, landscape photographed, paintings begun, birthdays had, ice cream eaten, touring done, turtles found, cakes made and eaten, dragonflies landed, tubing and water skiing, swimming, canoeing, relaxing, ATVing, dancing, boating, spider looking, basketball playing, sleeping, discovering, Moose Hunting and driving all in the name of vacationing! Whew...I need a vacation from my vacation! Check out our boating angel who followed us everywhere! God is GOOD!


Kelly Fillion said...

Hi Sam, wow looks like great fun :0) Hey remeber way back when, on our sailing adventure up north....he...he. Wow Sarah really looks like you, that's so great she loves piano.

Veronica said...

What an awesome picture!