Monday, November 10, 2008

Dundurn Castle..what a trip!

We went on a school field trip on Friday to Dundurn Castle..right up JP's alley because he is studying mid-ages..even though this castle is from the 1800's, it still gave him a sense of grandeur! So fun and great tour guides!

Heavens Rehersal 3

This is how far away we were...see those little girls on the left in red shirts..those are our girls from New Song Dance Academy. They danced for ever in the finale with 2 full numbers as well. It was such a highlight!

Heavens Rehersal 2

Getting on the bus, heading for The Rogers Center, Heaven's we come!

Heavens Rehersal

So it was wonderful, beautiful and glorious! Here's a photo review! This is the group waiting for the bus to arrive! Our fearless choreographer in glasses early Saturday morning and her fabulous assistant Mrs. Leah!