Thursday, February 21, 2008

Things are good

So, since the fall, I've had time with my Jesus and found out lots and lots about myself. I've found out these things.
1. I need prayer
2. I need to pray even more than I do
3. I need to be in the word like an IV drip (thanks Jen)
4. My angels were with me because nothing else on my body was hurt
5. Coulda been worse
6. I'm experiencing supernatural healing because I'm hardly limping anymore and my friend who is well experienced in this area during prayer told me it usually takes a few weeks to get to the limping stage and I'm almost done with it
7. I have great friends who pray for me (thanks Dom, Jen, Alicia, Lynn, Marisa and everyone in blogland who reads,comments or just reads)
8. I am way better at believing God then I thought I was when I first fell
9. Falling sucks
10. I'm really NOT afraid

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