Wednesday, February 20, 2008


"One should honor Mary as she herself wished and as she expressed it in the Magnificat. She praised God for his deeds. How then can we praise her? The true honor of Mary is the honor of God, the praise of God’s grace . . . Mary is nothing for the sake of herself, but for the sake of Christ . . . Mary does not wish that we come to her, but through her to God. " Explanation of the Magnificat, 1521

"Mary is the Mother of Jesus and the Mother of us all.
If Christ be ours . . . all that he has must be ours,
and His Mother also must be ours." -- Martin Luther, 1529

from A Catholic Notebook

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Soutenus said...

Thanks for the comment over at Catholic Notebook!
I am enjoying your blog!
Do you ever tape your talks? Maybe you could post one in the future -- for those of us who live REALLY far away!
Have a great day!