Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's Chocolate Day

Today is Chocolate Day at our house. Now really, any day is chocolate day but specifically today we are making chocolates for my daughters Confirmation Blessing Celebration. She will be Confirmed on Friday night and then on Saturday we will celebrate with family and the women of her life gathering around her, will bless her. It will be lovely. But, we're getting ready, cleaning and prepping. And so, today is chocolate day. My kitchen has become Charlies Chocolate Factory as we melt and mould 100 flowers and butterflies and 25 butterflies on sticks. Sara is diligently painting pink chocolate inside the butterfly wings and then layering white chocolate into the mould so they come out lovely. Very sweet. She has chosen a theme of butterflies to represent the new life of the Holy Spirit coming to dwell within her. I think its a lovely theme. So pray for her as she professes her faith publicly and becomes a stronger servant of Christ.

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