Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME

Yep! Its my birthday, its my birthday...well, yesterday was...but I like to drag it out! The big one is coming up next year...and I'm excited! I love getting older...wiser, calmer, more relaxed about actually living! So many good things in a life...even in the hard parts. So, for my birthday, I was blessed with an MP3 from my kids, which I am loading as I type and a GPS from my don't worry, its not for when I get lost...its a handheld, for hiking with my kids. We love to Geocache...check it out on Google, very fun! And our homeschool group plans a few hikes a year, so it'll be handy in these events! Also, a lovely pedicure my daughter gave me...complete with orange polish and a blue stone set into my big toe (very fun looking!) What a fun day I had doing exactly what I felt like! My little one is having his 3rd party to celebrate his it is Pirate Day around here! Look out...

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