Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I have a headache

Ever get one of those headaches that make you feel like your brain is rolling around in your head? I have that. Ouch. Coffee and Advil and a good Chiropractic adjustment are my best remedy although my Chiropractor would lovingly disagree with that approach. Anyway, I've really discovered Flylady this past 2 weeks and recommend that sight as a good kick in the pants kind of get up and go sort of start to dive in and conquer clutter...and I have. Its been so therapeutic. I love home keeping but not housekeeping. I love doing laundry but not putting it away. I'm funny. Not funny ha ha...funny weird. So my headache is making it next to impossible to think and plan a good blog entry but I'm bored because I can't do anything that makes me move too much. So I thought I'd ramble and share my huge happiness with Flylady and feel like I accomplished something worth while. I don't know how much value there is to rambling though. Anyway, a headache is just my body's way of saying slow down...so I think I might just practise "being still" today.


Kelly Fillion said...

Oh I know the feeling...uuummmm advil liquid gels are the best or tylenols ones. I have a hard time just cleaning up after the 3 of us and I am si picky that I wear myself ragged trying to keep things neat. Enjoy the heat wave!

Mrs. Sam said...

I'll try those, thanks. I just saw my spelling and grammar on that last post and am a smidgey shy that I actually homeschool my kids now. Yikes! Well, I've always said I can't spell. What a heat wave! Hard to enjoy especially at the soccer field.

Aduladi' said...

I LOVE the Flylady. I still have not conquered my house, but I certainly can relate to your post!!

A happy (yet cluttered) flybaby,