Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bad Spellers Untie

I love words...the way they come together, the way they flow without a bunch of effort. I should have studied Lingustics but the thing that holds me back is that I can't spell. I mean, I can but...the dictionary and spell check are my best friends. And then, the cruelty of spell check is that it sometimes corrects a miss spelled word as correct because it's American. Can't catch a break...my uncle has the best shirt I've seen for this issue. It says, "Bad spellers of the world...untie!" Isn't that great? I had a stellar round of scrabble at the cottage and just loved my win...because it just never happens! That makes it really sweet. I won't post my score or my opponent may never speak to me again, but lets just say it was really good! So good, I had to take a picture of the board! It's all good...untie~~~


Kelly Fillion said...

Nice to see your smiling face :0)

Veronica said...

Hi Sam

Looks great! Way to go!