Monday, July 23, 2007

Planning, planning, planning

I love planning...this time of year is sweet to the homeschool teacher! It includes rest and lots of books. I think, not sure, but really do think, that homeschool teachers have a 'thing' for books. I get simply giddy around them (I think I've mentioned that before somewhere). So, while my kiddies are away at camp for the morning, I get this incredible 21/2 hours of complete quiet in my home. This is an unusual sound for me. My ears are actually ringing right now due to the click clack of my keyboard. So amazing downtime for me but also, a time of refreshing, reviewing last years mistakes and taking great heart that there is a new beginning in a few short weeks. School will be starting all too soon for some, but the gentle rhythm of routine speaks to my heart. And so, I'm planning my year. As I pour through my curriculum choices for my kids I've discovered that I made a gem of a find and it makes me think of my friend Kelly who loves all things Victorian. Its a book called 'Story Starters' by Karen Andreola and I highly recommend it to everyone who homeschools or simply takes a great interest in their kids education. It could be a fun weekend activity or rainy day thing...or an extra credit. It is valuable for every grade K to 12! What a resource. doesn't have to be done in a year, it doesn't require marking in the traditional sense and it envelopes the Classical Approach to education that I love so much. There are the sweetest Victorian pictures to stimulate the imagination and the beginnings of great stories that our children get to finish. Their way...they are in charge of the outcome and really, for a reluctant writer, how cool is that! There's a quote in the book that says, "The soul without imagination is what an observatory would be without a telescope." H.W. Beecher
Is that not just a summing up of exactly what we hope education will do for our kids? Instead of beating the soul out of them, this shows us how important it is to pour imagination into them. And if they do go to school (I have one in there too...) then how much more important is it to feed that part of them when they come home. I've often heard it said that it takes 11 positive comments to erase the effects of 1 negative comment. We have much work to do when our kids return to us. And so, I just bless you parents, who work so hard and give up so much for the efforts you pour into your sweet bundles (even if they do tower over you..) and I say to you, be encouraged. You have great kids...great kids make great parents.


Katie said...

This is beautiful!!! I get just THAT excited about books & especially about planning curriculum. I'm knee-deep in it myself these days and am enjoying everyminute of it. Thank you for sharing your love!

Mrs. Sam said...

So good to know I'm not the only one who loves this part of homeschooling! Thanks for encouraging! And be encouraged right back when it gets full...I'm in it with you :o)