Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I win

A noticeable drop in workout buddies this week as we all return to our fall schedules. But I am not deterred. This should maybe be a tweek it post, but, it's a win instead. Learning to change direction and make something work is so important for the win. Knowing I need motivation to get the job done is the biggest thing for me. So when something isn't working, change it. It's okay to do that. If you make the rules, you can change them too.'s's okay to say 'no, that doesn't work for me.' Try it with starts with saying, no. Out loud now...say NO! Feel better? I'm excited for change. I'm excited for new beginnings and I'm most excited to be able to say, No. This isn't working for me. I need to change it. And, for my sisters in Christ to know that freedom too, blesses me beyond measure. So sisters, say it with me again...NO. Now, go out there and practice. If it sounds like a great blessing but isn't lining up with your best plan for your family, then say it like you mean it. "No". You win. I win.

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Christine said...

Oh how helpful :) No, No, No ... such an easy little word. I actually pushed myself to use this word in a situation over the past few days ... it feels good to say no sometimes. Instead of saying yes then feeling that I comprimised my own needs. Thanks for a wee bit of validation Sam :)