Thursday, September 16, 2010

Amazing grace?

Well this week has escaped me, but non the less, I felt like I needed to check in. Our first week of school was a bit of a strange one, sickness, moving dear friends, and just the whole business of starting is a strange thing. This week brought helping hubby at the family business, pointe shoes and the beginning of ballet. My all time favorite thing to do with my own self. Now that said, the pointe shoes are not mine, they belong to my very adept dancing daughter. I on the other hand...find myself in great need of abundant grace. This being my second ever year of dance should say much. Dancing is serious hard work. It requires something from you. A trust first of all, that you believe you can make your body move in a way that feels completely foreign but looks completely beautiful when someone else does it. And an understanding of rhythm...which I thought I possessed until last year. The whole counting thing in dance is lost on me. It's all I can do to stay upright without every part of my body shaking under the stress my muscles feel. Once the quiver begins, it's not pretty. Then the toe cramp kicks in and finally the butt cramp..yep, I said butt cramp. Honestly, my lovely teacher, Ms. Hannah, makes it look so graceful. She is lovely and strong. So in my minds eye, I pretend I am she and float and move with as much grace as I think I own. And it feels amazing. Grace? Not so much.

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