Saturday, September 4, 2010

full on friday more like it!

It's actually Saturday, I couldn't post yesterday due to traveling to Huntsville to collect the man child. Yep, I have an adult child. First one too. I'm not sure exactly what that really means, and what actually changes, but whatever it is, I'm excited. I'm excited to have arrived at this place. It's not just a milestone birthday for him, but for us as well. Mom and Dad...successfully rear a child to this point. News flash, it CAN be done. And right there...freedom. How do I get freedom in this moment? Well, there's a certain level of satisfaction in bringing a newborn through all those stages to adulthood. Even though, this is the baby end of being an adult, he's here, he's made it. So I'm good with where we are. I'm sure there's more to come, so many 'mores' to come...finishing the next level of education, jobs, weddings, grandbabies...yep gotta slow down, but I look forward to these events. It's with great joy that I celebrate that I'm old enough to have a child this age. That I've arrived right along with him. Freedom for me, is knowing whose I am and knowing my kids are His too. Freedom is peace, that surpasses all understanding. So, even tho it's been a busy weird week, it's full of joy. Happy Birthday Simon, my first born. You bring me such joy and pride. I'm so blessed and pray that blessing into your life. As an adult...welcome to a very cool place. And I pray you know the same peace that I do. All your long, long life.

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