Saturday, December 8, 2007


Its been a tough week. The music director at our church passed away Sunday and it was really hard for my daughter. She's been in the choir since grade 2 and has a special relationship with her. Very hard to say goodbye. But we know she was a great woman of God and is singing with her voice that she couldn't use near the close of her earthly life. She's singing with choirs of angels in heaven most certainly. And we also had news of another pillar in our church taking a stroke that sounds fatal. Heaven is near for her too. And sadly, one of the most inspiring women I've never met passed away. She's been beating cancer for a year and is one of the most courageous, lovely women I've never met. I keep saying never, because truely, I never met her. I know of her through a few friends that church with her family. Her story was blogged by she and her husband. Completely inspiring. So, Jesus took her cancer away this week and she is healed in her new body. It's been hard, thinking about her family, her husband is this knight in shining armor kind of guy who loves their 3 kids under 5 with so much dignity. He's a great man of God who will do great honor to his wife. This clip is an amazing testimony to the understanding of our pain that God has. We often say things like, "Why did God let this happen?" Well, this clip helps us remember, that God understands our pain from personal experience.
Its sweet, but get a tissue!

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Aduladi' said...

I am so sorry about your week! That clip says it all doesn't it? That little Logan put me right over the edge!

Thanks for sharing it!