Monday, December 17, 2007

...and the snows they came!

Wow! We got socked! Buried, almost alive...well, not really. But it is a ton of snow. For sure a ton. These are some pics my son took around our house and this was only at the half way through the storm part. Over the tops of the houses should be the Niagara Escarpment...can't see it can ya? The storm started a few hours later than predicted with freezing rain that actually was hitting the bedroom window so hard, it woke me up. Then it teased a little with some chunky flakes but sorta stopped for a while. About an hour later, the escarpment was missing from view and the road was invisible. Suddenly, the winds picked up and we were taking cover. I think it was a pj day for church, cozy time. Loved it. I finished Christmas cards and just generally hung out with my family. My beloved went out to shovel at one point and I couldn't see him. I saw the shovel once in a while but he was a blurr. So neat. And this morning, beautiful clear sky...what a treat.
Enjoy the hills...we will!


Aduladi' said...

Oooh! I am jealous! We will be in the Adirondacks for Christmas and they have a ton of snow too! I can't wait.

Enjoy the tranquility and I will pray for a huge and quick meltdown on the day you get sick of all of it, LOL!

Kelly Fillion said...

Let is snow alright....what a great start we have on snow this year and it is not even Winter yet!!! It was a pretty sight on our street too, with the Christmas lights sparkling under the snow.
Happy Shoveling