Monday, August 23, 2010

Maintenance Mondays

Ever have the desire to change something or some part of your life and you buy all the books and magazines to inspire you, only to find them sitting on the shelf? You know what I've learned from this experience? Simply owning the book isn't enough. Reading it isn't either. It's the gleaning and application process where many of us fall short. Well, here's some inspiration. School goes back in our neck of the woods in 2 weeks. Let's together, tackle the last of the list. Let's do 10 projects in 10 days. You with me? Get your list together of 10 large or small things you want to do and get checked off the list. Saturdays count, Sundays for me, not doing it. So if we start today on August 23, by my calculations we should be done our 10 days by Sept 2nd. Just in time. Now for me...I'll be leaving for the north country on Saturday so I'm going to plug in an extra day there and say I'll be done Sept 3rd. Your call on how you want to pace yourself. So...question is...what's your list look like? Wanna share?
Here's mine.
1. clean carpet in living room
2. finish Simon's grad scrap book
3. organize mudroom for fall (done)!
4. remove anything not conducive to sleep from my bedroom (done)
5. paint muskoka chairs
6. power spray the deck
7. lay mulch around pool
8. paint JP's bed
9. remove wallpaper in Sara's room
10. frame and order grad pictures for Simon's diploma set

Okay that's me. Some of these projects are more time saturated, others are labor intensive, and other still, just take brain space. But all things I wanted done by the end of summer and somehow, here I am. So, 10 projects, 10 days. Not to mention, I want to help my dearest friend pack her home, make sure I have time for my kids last days of summer and keep house. Can this be done? With some ubber organization...I think it can!!! Who's with me?


Mrs. Sam said...

Dealing with the mud room today...not going in order due to rain, ect. 1/2 way done!!!

Mazie said...

:) I like this.

1. Organize room(get rid of everything I dont need or use, because someone else will find better use of the 200 some odd stuffed animals)
2. Lug the pile of old toys to the truck and get them over to the GBF before they start to decompose.
3. Make sure I take the time to get to the peach festival this weekend. ( something I need to do for myself.)
4. Read Russel Brands Biography ( I need to finish it before the part 2 comes out)
5. Get caught up on my Tumblr blog challenge.(Thats maybe a day and a half worth of work.)
6. Email the school about faxing only school.
7. Get started on my Sketchbook project for the tour to Brooklyn.
8. Obtain EVERYONES ADDRESS. Close or far. I need to keep in touch in a more personal way.
9. Read the book of Mark for youth group.
10. Find the school that I want to go to. Plan my entire future. Make a step by step plan:)

Mrs. Sam said...

Hey go my friend! Check off your list as you so I can stay encouraged! I'm doing that too on my post...working on the bedroom today, bigger job than I thot...hoping for carpets tonight. :D