Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tweek-it Tuesdays

Today I want to challenge you. I'm challenging myself and I need accountability so I figure if I drag you along with me it'll work to my favor and wonderfully enough, for your favor too. With the advent of the Hydro Smart meter in our area, I'm facing a huge and insurmountable task it would seem. I need to conquer Mount Laundrymanjaro before rates change to time of use consumption. Now I know, that in your homes, laundry may not be your sticky area, but for me..oi vey. It's an on going, daily momentum buster. I simply and completely forget to do it. Our laundry room is in the basement and I'm a see it deal with it girl. So I need to tweek my plan since the Smart meter will be kicking in soon. I need to get down to 1 load a day and run it when I'm sleeping. Thankfully my washer just died and we bought a lovely front loader with a timer on it. So I can load before bed and set it to come on. Then I can get up before the higher rate kicks in and dry it and be done for the day. In theory this will work. On paper..awesome. Problem is, remembering to do it. So I need to tweek the plan. Somehow, I need something that makes me remember to go downstairs before I climb into bed....a sign...a push...hmmmm, maybe my husband, I could recruit him to remind me. What do you need to tweek? And hey...mudroom is done! Today I think I'll tackle my bedroom. :| Pray for me.

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Nancy Chiasson said...

It sounds like you're already part way there-how about a sticky note posted where you will see it before getting into bed? Maybe if it's near your toothbrush, or bedside table you will notice and make the trek down to start it up.
Best of luck!