Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh Time...come back

Time flies. Honestly, it goes really fast. I'm seeing a new graduate coming into our family really soon, a blossoming daughter who desires to pursue ministry not a fashion degree like before and a skater boy young man, who seeks first the Kingdom. Praise God for all things.

The face of homeschooling changes over time too. Currently in our school, we have one in traditional Catholic highschool, one in online public school at home, and one completely homeschooled. Each child, unique and precious.

Who ever said it was a cookie cutter mould of planning, curriculum and one book does all? It's a joy to see each child becoming. I love who my kids are, cringe when I see or hear myself in them, where they need correction but so do I, and I rejoice in their changing and moving lives. Who they are now isn't who they will be and Praise God for that, but who they are becoming, is a joy to witness. God is just that good!

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