Monday, August 30, 2010

10 Things in 10 Days list Update

Okay, so I didn't account for the rain. So the outdoor activities are way off schedule but the indoor things are coming along really well. Purged the bedroom. Now it's in my living room. But that's not so bad since I'm moving it down to the family room today to be shredded. I can't believe the paper work. Crazy. So the bedroom is looking really great. Today I'm working on the floor in the living room so that I can clean the carpet on Friday before we leave for Huntsville. That will work really well for me. I'm hoping the weather isn't crazy blazing this week and I can do the mulch out back and also spray paint the items in need. My list may extend beyond the 10 days, but it feels really great to have a plan. I might have to do this challenge again. I'm kinda liking the deadline. It's pretty fun. How about you? Are you working to a deadline? And if so, how do you organize your lists?

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