Monday, March 31, 2008

History...not A subject but THE subject

Yep, I'm a history nerd. I love history and I'm trying to teach my kids to love it too. So I sneak it into every lesson of the day. Science, Math, Music, name it there's history to be found. So this week is our support groups History Fair. You'd think I'd be excited and by Friday at about 1:30 pm when there's nothing more we can do, I will be. It's work! And I have 2 projects. Well, I don't, my kids do...but you know how that goes. It's still work. And the kids love going to this event too...once they're there. So my daughter chose a study on Tom Thompson the 'founding' member of the group of seven and my son chose to study Canadian Money.
Both really neat subjects but oddly harder to research than you may think. I mean going deep on a level that each one can really understand. And then expanding on it. Its hard to expand on the life of someone. They lived, painted and died. You can't add detail to that. Sure you can talk about where he grew up and how he came to be a painter and all those details are good for sure! But it doesn't easily fill up a project board. This is where creativity jumps in. So I'll post the finished projects when we get there. Bit by bit...
As for money...all I can say is thanks Gramma for the cool collection! At a grade four level, the details, although nicely available, are not as chronicled as I'd like to see...but...there's always next time.

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