Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I went Skiing...yikes!

Well, we did it...we went skiing on Monday as a family. Well, dad chose to sit out but the 2 youngest (who already had one day under their belts) and the oldest and myself hit the slopes. Now, understand dear reader, I am turning 40 this year and after 3 kids my center of balance is in a whole new place. But skiing came pretty easily. My sister in love and I bonded over an near collision that brought us to such laughter we had no strength to stand...and we proudly watched our children do way better than we did. Its good to see your kids do better. Humbling, but very good! I did well until my last run, I was over done at this point. Cooked. My legs turned to spaghetti leaving me limp on the run down. So I took off my skiies and walked down the hill. Yesterday, I couldn't move. Oi Vey! but OH my Jesus, He made such a beautiful mountain and such a perfect day. It was a gift for sure. So next year, skiing will be on our list more than once. We are ready!!!

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