Thursday, March 6, 2008

9 Robins...and the birds and the bees.

Yesterday we had a huge snow storm, again. Today in the beautiful bright sunshine, on my neighbours roof, I counted 9 robins. Fluffy and fat, sipping snow and looking so wonderful! In our neck of the woods a Robin is a big deal! To me, its the first sign of spring. Yahoo!
And so today, my 9 year old and I are reading about Suzies Babies. Its a story about the birds and the bees but written about a hamster named Suzie and the class room full of children she lives with. Its a beautiful story. Today we got to the chapter explaining how the father hamster makes alive the eggs inside Suzie. When the chapter finished my wee one jumped up off the couch and made a bee line for another room. I yelled after him, do you have any questions? Nope, and he disappeared! I think he's processing what that really means. I could hear his breathing stop when I used the correct body part names, which we do anyway, but suddenly, they had new jobs. Hmmmmmmm, I wonder whats mulling around in his little brain right now.

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