Saturday, March 15, 2008

Brenda Martin

I'm just sick about this poor woman from my home province who is being left in a Mexican prison. Please pray for her. She's currently on a suicide watch. The excerpt below is from the Facebook group Save Brenda Martin.
Please pray for her now.

Brenda Martin is a Canadian woman who has been imprisoned in a Mexican jail since February 2006. Brenda’s family have been desperately attempting to raise awareness of her plight, calling on the Canadian Government to ensure that she receives a fair trial.

Brenda was the chef for Alyn Richard Waage, owner of an investment company that turned out to be fraudulent. Waage fired Brenda as his chef in 2001 with severance pay, where she than invested the money into Waage’s business which she thought was legitimate.

One month later Waage was arrest for fraud and is currently serving a 10 year sentence in North Carolina. Brenda was picked up by Mexican authorities years later for allegedly being involved in the scheme. There has been no charges or trail convicting her of such a thing, nor has there been any evidence presented to prove guilt.

Brenda has had limited contact with her family and friends, and at this point, her fate is in the hands of the Mexican Government. Brenda, a Canadian Citizen, has now been held in jail, without due process, for over 2 years. She has tried to commit suicide three times, losing over 30 pounds making her under 100 pounds in weight. She is depressed and despondent and believes that no one cares. Those who have seen her recently say that she will not live for another 6 months unless she is freed from jail.

Recently, Brenda has been on suicide watch, having been removed from the general prison population several times now. There has been extensive national media coverage on Brenda, who has been emotionally supported by her childhood friend Debra Tieleman. The Government of Canada has failed to act in intervening in this case, despite pleas from citizens around Canada, opposition MPs, Brenda’s mother and Brenda herself. Recently, Brenda was visited by former Prime Minister Paul Martin in prison to offer support.

Brenda feels that if she is not helped now, with the support of the Canadian Government, she feels she will parish in prison.

Funds donated to the 'Save Brenda Fund' will go toward Brenda's health needs and legal costs to help fight for Brenda Martin's release.


If you would like add your voice to the growing number of people who see the wrongs done to Brenda, feel free to send letters and emails.

Some contacts are:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;



Kelly Fillion said...

Hi Sam, oh I feel terrible for this poor woman as well, I saw her on W5 last month. She was unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time. The judicial system in third world countries is less than desirable, as is the prison facilities. The Canadian government has done nothing which is a shame, on the world stage only a few countries with international power such as United Kingdom and the U.S. would have had her out of there asap, I am not proud of our Country in this. I think there is a link about this story on W 5's website, maybe the more publicity it gets the better.
Peace out

Anonymous said...

Also support Brenda at;

Thank you