Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bill Keller Forgiven Excon

Follow the link to get an idea of the guy behind the Oprah accusations...he also declared that voting for Mitt Romney is a vote for the devil. Now is that Christian sounding to you? I'm not attacking this man, because then, I'm not any better...(and without grace, I'm really not at all any better anyway) but my point is this, raging against people who don't believe what a Christian believes isn't going to make anyone WANT to be a Christian. Why would anyone in their right mind, want to be a Christian if this kind of thinking is the representation of it? So, my plan is to pray that Bill Keller will have a softening of his heart, speak in truth and stop making up hateful things about people. Heck, I'm not even American and I would never say such a thing about Mitt Romney. Just this one thought keeps coming back...people in glass houses shouldn't through stones...even though he paid his debt, he still lives in a glass house.

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Jamie said...

We can pray for him and Oprah!