Friday, January 4, 2008

Moving from Fear to Freedom by Grace Fox

Have you ever read a book that just blesses the socks off you and actually changes your life? Okay, yeah, the Bible. Okay, yes, that one certainly counts and most definitely changes everything. But once in a while, God uses his everyday people to move us. I've struggled with fear for most of my parenting life. I'm talking the kind of fear for your kids safety, not the kind that won't make you go out the door. But simple fear. Like if they fall will they be hurt and need stitches. The worst fear moment I had was one where I was at a women's event listening to a speaker talk on freedom in the Lord and my girlfriends cell phone went off. I instantly thought that my daughter had been killed and someone was trying to get in touch with me via my friend. All this flashes through my mind, my heart and guts so quickly I didn't know what was happening. How did a simple phone call on some else's phone become all about me? Fear. Was I trusting God to be who I believe He is? No. I was walking the walk and talking the talk but not believing it. Grace Fox has written a book that cleared up the area of fear so completely that although the notion of fear tries to creep in, I feel more like I can decide to Praise God in the moment anyway. And the fear leaves. With nowhere to hang on, the spirit of fear dissolves. This book digs deep and says it like it is in all areas of fear. Grace Fox is an excellent author and speaker. Please if you are a resolution type person and want to receive freedom in your life from something so debilitating as fear can be, read this book! Get your socks blessed off. Visit her beautiful website at where you can see my note to Grace under her book.


Aduladi' said...

Look good! I will have to check out the website. Thanks for sharing this!!

Mrs. Sam said...

Even more, check out the so so helpful in every area..not kidding.

Kelly Fillion said...

Wow soundslike a must read I could use less fear, I know how you feel sometimes when things are out of our control.
I will check it out.

Jess said...

I've been accused of being overly fearful, but usually only by people who don't like keeping an eye on their children in dangerous situations. I think mostly I'm pretty laid back, though.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. You're welcome to link to it. It's always nice to meet another homeschooler who shares my blogging obsession, lol.