Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mom and Dad's Expectations of Our Kids

My blogging friend Aduladi asked on her blog, what do we expect of our kids and are we expecting too little! Most excellent question...
This is what keeps my sanity in our home. After all, when an argument comes up, I just point to the fridge and say, sorry, its on the fridge, there's nothing I can do. Keeping in mind God's grace and mercy, we extend them as often as we can without becoming doormats. Hope this list helps. Its a combination of several different authors and our own ideas. One idea we love is a family constitution. Dr. Gary Smalley has one and it is good. Check his website for it.

Mom and Dads Expectations of Our Kids:

• A B+ Average in school

• Four nights at home with family

• In bed, lights out by your specific time on school nights: Simon 10:00
Sara 9:00
JP 9:00

• No signs of fatigue or stress

• Chores done daily

Kids are in control of:
• Choosing who they depend on
• Doing what you are able
• Adjusting behavior to minimize consequences
• Accepting failure, learning and improving

Kids must accept responsibility for:
• Your part in friendships
• Study Habits
• Completing tasks for allowance or to help out
• Respecting relationships in our family
• Jobs outside the home
• For getting up on time and getting to activities/school
i.e.: arrange a ride

10 Boundaries you must know:
• Consequences are real
• Responsibility: pull your own wagon
• Power: know when to ask for help and when to do it on your own
• Respect: your not the only one who matters
• Motivation: when you see something that needs to be done, just do it, don't complain about who should have done it
• Evaluation: learn from your mistakes and pain
• Pro activity: think before you do something you’ll regret
• Thankfulness: have an attitude of gratitude
• Activity: feed your body well/be active
ie: a fruit, yogurt and grain before 10:00 snack
• Honesty: always the best policy

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EXCELLENT POST! Thanks for sharing this!