Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm a survivor

I say that tongue in cheek...I did make it and it was a largely busy week but I was busy in a good way. Once I got over myself, I was able to tap into some really interesting qualities about myself that need further exploration. They are as follows...who is that man I married? Will I know him when my kids are grown and gone? Who is that woman in the mirror staring back at me? Will I know her ever again? Am I wrapping myself too deeply in my kids? Do I have the ability to let them go when the time comes? Can I actually put myself out of a job? And will I retire at the right time or drag it on way too long? I pray not. I learned that I have alot of letting go to do and this week was about me in a way I didn't expect. Because I really thought it was about Simon. Praise God that he can teach and show and grow us even when we aren't looking for it. As for Simon? Well, he was just fine and had the time of his life. Truly. For real. He loved it more than I can even imagine. God is so much more capable of showing me how to parent my kids than I let him be. So, this year, our school theme will be one of holiness. Growing in holiness, coming further in trusting God's plan for us and moving further into his will. And that involves trust. Hmmm, I feel a new talk coming on...


Aduladi' said...

I was praying this morning about the fact that I am really not the person I believe I should be. I have no clue who God plans for me to be, but I am traveling on the wide road and I feel like I missed the exit for the narrow one.

Care to backtrack with me? I am desperate to get back to the King and the life He has designed just for me. I feel like I have been very "worldly" lately.

I am so glad that there are other ladies out there wondering the same sort of things.

Praying for you!!

Mrs. Sam said...

I'd love to backtrack with you because somewhere along the way, I missed the narrow gate and took the low road. I'm dealing with my backbiting tounge right now and holiness seems to be the only hope. It is good to know that even believers deal with getting it right. And then, do we ever? Even Mother Theresa struggled. What a gift her diary is.