Friday, September 7, 2007

Week One

So week one is almost done! What a great way to start school. We have a tradition in our homeschool that we go out for breakfast on the first day of school to celebrate the time we have to spend with each other and not have to rush out the door. My oldest son went to high school last year, so sadly, he misses out on our traditional breaky! But, we let him by lunch at school on the first day so he still gets a treat...not that caff food is a treat, but he's happy. So this week we started a new math program with Saxon Math called DIVE CD's which are basically the whole lesson taught on video by a professional math dude. Talk about taking the pressure off me! I'm not a math girl and I don't have the language to explain it well, so this CD is already blessing my daughter. She does math twice a day right now because she wants to be done one book by Christmas and a second by June. This way she's in great shape if she goes to highschool and if she stays home, the pressure is off a little. My littlest man is having summer free time withdrawal. He is a stander at the school table and will not sit for very long. There is always something to discover. Its like if he presses his bum into a chair, his brain shuts off. Which is cool, because I know that boys learn differently than girls. My oldest son did the same thing. And now he sits through 70 min classes everyday just fine. I think boys bums have springs in them the propel them into movement if they rest too long. So all in all it's been a great week and now we look forward to a fun weekend of camping with our whole homeschool group. We'll be playing bocce and soccer baseball, fishing and hiking! So pray for good weather for us, so far its really hot and looking like rain, but really, there's nothing like sleeping in a tent with a gentle rain falling around it. So, I'll post some shots next week of the great event! Until then, happy weekend!

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