Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Harder than I thought

Okay, I know, enough whining but this is harder than I thought. I thought day one might be overwhelming because of the 6 hours of driving we did but I wasn't counting on being so (dare I say) consumed with my thoughts on my son. I find myself wandering off my train of thought to think about what he might be doing. Is he regretting this decision? Is he strong and of good courage? He's probably having such a great time. But I really, really miss him. There is a real hole in my heart. My friend encouraged me today with this..."God is with him. God treasures him and will not abandon him. He alone can be there 24-7, and He alone cares for Simon with a greater love than you have. So continue to pray - that you would know what to pray, and that you will be content to release Simon to his Heavenly Father's care. "In this world we WILL have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have OVERCOME the world" John 16:33. Times of aching can be so hard, but remember that everything that comes your way has been through your Father's hands first. He truly is in control. And everything is working for His good and glory from an eternal perspective. So try and keep your mind and heart stayed on sweet Jesus."
I just love what she wrote. Its God's perfect word in the perfect timing. So, enough about me, because its really not about me at all!


Kelly Fillion said...

Ok Mom, don't worry he will have a great time. Ask for Archangel Micheal to protect him while you are not there. I can image you must worry I would too. Wow that is a long drive, where up north did you go?

Mrs. Sam said...

Thanks Kelly...He's in Huntsville! 3 there and 3 home...have to do it again this weekend! I'm praying for a traffic annointing over the long weekend...hope we miss it all!