Saturday, September 15, 2007

Week two completely through

Well, we've made a bit of a dent into our schedule and find out along the way what looks good on paper isn't always what works. And so we tweak and bend and squish and squash and it comes into place. Happy days coming too...we have some nice things planned. Friday is a Field Trip to the Locks at the Welland Canal Museum, then we have a Thanksgiving Party to plan for the 5Th, and a Public Speaking Festival to pull together. Lots of neat activities to get the year off to a good start. Things are good on the High school front, the oldest having a J.O.B. now after school a few days a week...its good. Things are really, really good. I do love my little family and covet the time we share together.
Today was tomato day at my mother-in-loves house. We boiled 5 bushels of tomatoes for canning and it smelled gorgeous out in the shed all day. I was freezing and my hands were cramping while cutting down the tomatoes. But it was just so lovely to be making sauce with my family. Then it was off to help my sister-in-loves house to help her with a little critter situation. God Bless. And finally off to my mummy's for dinner to celebrate my son and brothers birthdays with my Aunt. And so we rolled home with full belly's and happy memories. What a great day.

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