Thursday, August 2, 2007

Survived the heat wave last night

Well it was hot. So hot even the crickets were silent. I mean really really hot. Okay you got the idea. So the soccer game got started late, but our team won. They actually played really well. They don't hover over the ball like they used to. There was some actual passing and some very good discussion on the field. I like passing almost as much as goals, but I'll tell you when my son almost scored...well, it might as well have been me out there. I was so excited. And he kicked with the left foot and the ball grazed the post on the wrong side. Oh well, next week maybe. He's getting there...half the game in net and half at mid. Not bad. The bonus is that he loves it and that's all I care about. It was so funny though looking at all the melting parents on the field. Man...we are pathetic. I include myself in there with the best of pathetics...sighing, moaning, just sitting there baking away while our kids are out there running at top speeds. Yep, only the best for our kids. Are we nuts?

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