Monday, August 13, 2007

Life with a toddler for four days

Can I say how arrogant I am and how full of myself and my own greatness? I thought for sure, having my niece who is 2 for four days would be a piece of cake. And that I would just manage it all just fine and life would be great for everyone. No problem! Well, again, let me say, I am arrogant. Toddlers are sweet, loving, wonders who need to be fed on a regular basis and actually need you to do it for them, they want to actually take time out of their day to nap, and regularly they enjoy a clean bum and a bath. I have old kids. They do all that stuff all by themselves. My niece needed my 100% attention all the time, which I was prepared to offer. I forgot what 100% actually say I'm tired is an understatement. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. I learned more from her in 4 days about myself than I have in 4 years of self discovery on purpose. She is a gem. This little loving toddler takes no prisoners when it comes to the heart. Your all in or forget it. And she is full on in the learning department. She is a sponge. Her language is incredible. My daughter is convinced her little cousin will be 'something smart' when she grows up. My older niece is a joy to be with. She is lovely and sweet, kind and on purpose with her affection. She doesn't waste it. This girl is genuinely beautiful and smart. Watch out world... And little man nephew is my sweet love. This little man delights in the love of his mother. He does all things to bring her joy. He is the little brother to my youngest son that he wanted so much. What a blessing to see these children blend into our family for 4 days. Make no mistake, having extras is work for sure...but its the glorious kind of work that at the end of the day makes you feel like, yeah, that was a great day!

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