Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Have you ever had someone say cheers to you at the end of a conversation? I have a few friends that say it and for longest time it sounded so foreign to me...like what you say at a toast, not instead of goodbye at the end of a phone conversation. But lately on the radio, (I listen to CBC while cooking) there is one guy who always says it. So it has caused me to pause and really listen to what is being said. I don't know if I'm even close to getting it right, but, to my ear it sounds so joyous. A person actually wishing another person cheer. What a blessing. So what is Cheer? According to Websters Dictionary it means the following:

1. cheer \'chi(*)r\ n [ME chere face, cheer, fr. OF, face] obs 1a: FACE
archaic 1b: facial expression 2: state of mind or heart : SPIRIT 3:
ANIMATION, GAIETY 4: hospitable entertainment : WELCOME 5: food and drink
for a feast : FARE 6: something that gladdens 7: a shout of applause or
2. cheer vt 1a: to arouse to hope or courage when dejected : COMFORT 1b:
to make glad or happy 2: to urge on or encourage esp. by shouts 3: to
applaud with shouts obs 1: to be mentally or emotionally disposed 2: to
grow or be cheerful : REJOICE - usu. used with up 3: to utter a shout of
applause or triumph

I really like those ideas. So to offer someone cheer at the end of a conversation somehow sounds like a wonderful thing to do. So, I hope I remember, my new plan is to try really hard, and offer you dear reader, Cheers, each and every time.

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