Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Van D Retreat Centre

You know when God places people in your life and your just so amazed that He put the quality of those people in YOUR actual life? Like I don't deserve these friends because I'm just not worthy? These are really great people. Well, years ago, God gave us the VanD's through soccer. And these are the kind of people that your friends with in a heart beat, and you see them a few times a year after soccer season is over, and they are in your life for the rest of your life, and without them you notice something is missing. We are blessed by the VanD family as they generously let us use their cottage this past weekend. So, we piled the inlaws and the outlaws into the van (Bessy may have made her last run north...) and we had the most refreshing weekend we've had in ages. It is always a good thing to bring the mothers because I never really have much work to do. My mother in loves gifting is service. She pours her love into the food she prepares, the cleaning she does (I swear the place is cleaner than we found it and really you could have eaten off the floor when we got there!) and generally the care she takes of people. My mom's gifting is teaching. She is a great teacher. When my inloves needed some help with government forms, she was able to help them and encourage them rather than allowing them to feel inadequate. What a heritage my children see in their relationship. And my father in love, well, he really does need a hearing aid, but he's really happy in his private little world. Even though he battles depression, he had a wonderful weekend. So here are some pictures of the beautiful country God made and thanks to our forever friends for letting us share in the beauty.

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